Thursday, August 28, 2014

River called breath

Seeps from the tiny crevice called earth
Walks on the wind that rests in the sky and
runs along the shores of the heart's cave
makes verdant the shores with songs and lores
then rests in silence in the ocean of empty expanse
This breath of our life is also a river (path*)

* The dual meaning of the Tamil word ஆறு meaning both river and path is lost in English.

தமிழில் -

Sunday, August 17, 2014

A prayer to Krishna, the all powerful

You we worship O Krishna
who ages ago with your three great strides
vanquished the noble faultless Bali.
Keep us away from treachery.

You we worship O Krishna
who in another era slayed Tataka
with your cruel bolt.
Grant our women safety and honour.

You we worship O Krishna
who in another era cast the chaste Sita
with your cruel word.
Make our faith steadfast.

You we worship O Krishna
who in another era slew beastly Vali
from behind the tree.
Grant our hearts the courage to face our troubles.

You we worship O Krishna
who alone of all men won Radha's heart
and then broke it when you deserted her for the city.
Let our hearts stay true to purpose.

You we worship O Krishna
who engineered the Great War
pitting brother against brother.
Keep strife away from our families.

You we worship O Krishna
who was the king of the Yadu clan
that died fighting among themselves.
May our stock thrive in love.

You we worship O Krishna
who fulfilled the purpose of your descent
by dying at a hunter's hand without glory.
May you grant us immortality.

You we worship O Krishna
who tonight sleeps just born
unaware of all the glory
you have and will wrought
like an ant floating on a leaf
carried away in the ocean of dreams.

Grant us salvation and lead us to truth
if you may.

Friday, August 8, 2014

A song for varalakshmi viratham

Come not o varalakshmi come not you and
give not any boon nay give not mother

Give not glory and wealth of this world to me
Make no path for these to reach me o varalakshmi (Come not...)

Many are those who await your boons in this world
Go you to them and bless them
with your tender arms of grace
Then shall your duty be fulfilled and your salvation achieved so (Come not...)

A boon I have got to never seek any boon
from the sakthi to whom I have surrendered in faith
Now even if death comes it shall be a boon, best of all
is this boon greater than Vishnu and Shiva so (Come not...)