Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Spring's bark

Spring is in the air
In the temple priests seek god
Dogs bark How! How!


Winter night naught stirs
I am awake for a song
Caw caw sings the crow

Can't wait to die

I can't wait to die
To see what lies ahead
I can't wait to fly
Free of my carnal bed

I can't wait to burn
Merge with the blinding light
I can't wait my turn
To catch the morning flight

The stage shall come alive
The poet will find his voice
The song will then arrive
And blot out all the noise (So I can't)

For life is just a wait
To find a song perfect
And all the while I wait
To find my song perfect


I can't wait to live
To find my perfect song
I can't wait to give
To silence my soulful song

Friday, October 3, 2014


Once I had a soul full of thoughts and words
but nary a pen or paper
not a drop of ink.

So I sold my words for ink
my thoughts for a pen
and my soul for paper.

And now I still can't write.