Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Where is God?

The Hindu goes not to a mosque.
The Muslim enters not a church.
The Christian sees not a temple.

In mosques, temples and churches
the god that is locked up,

in the beggar that begs in their homes,
in the mouse pup that hides in their backyard,
in the tall mango tree of their garden,
in the ant and fly that taste their offering
in the termite that eats their quran
in the spider that weaves its web around their crucifix

in the morning sun
in the evening moon
in the big and the small

not there not here but everywhere, as light, as complete joy
he smiles in silence.

தமிழில் -

Saturday, December 20, 2014


I wish I was in America
Land of far west
I wish I was in America
Land of the blest

I wish I was away
Alone and shivering cold
I wish I knew the way
to the dark roads of old

I wish I was alone
in some strange city
I wish I was my own
left with no pity

Beneath the neon lights
with some soulful song
I wish I spent my nights
that stretched and stretched along


I know not where I am
who are my bed fellows
I know not who I am
or why the wind bellows

I have no friend here
to speak a soulful word
I have no foe either
to drive a baleful sword

Twixt life and death I float
In this land of naught
No song escapes my throat
It was all for aught

I wish I was in America
Land afar ahead
I wish I was in America
Safe, sound and dead