Friday, November 29, 2013

What's in a word?

What's in a word we may ask.
Mere squiggles and syllables.
dried leaves falling from the tree of meaning.

And yet in a word is concealed
all our dreams, hopes, fears and sorrow.

Want, have, loss, despair
Words of desire, of need, of hunger; hunger that sustains.
Flames of a summer sun subsisting on our souls.

Love, courage, glory, peace
Words of fire, of inspiration, of flight; flight to the beyond.
Winds of a golden autumn that carry our eager wings.

Worry, fear, disease, turmoil
Words of darkness, of affliction, of malaise; malaise that strengthens.
Wintry words that rasp against our helpless souls.

Pain, tears, sorrow, silence
Words of the river, of growth, of cleansing; cleansing the unstained.
Monsoon's showers that hurt and heal our parched minds.

Seek, know, become, be
Words of hope, of promise, of deliverance; whatsoever deliverance is.
Buds of a spring that we might never see.

Words bloom, words wither and words die.
We are the illusion.