Monday, April 17, 2006

The Shy Morning

Morning glows in a virgin blush
Trembles there in the silver dew
A teasing song calling the thrush
Golden face blooms anew

A tremulous flame this orange dawn
A golden crack in the sheet of night
Peeping here like a frightened fawn
A modest maiden with feet lily white

Oh how she quivers a face so shy
How she waits on the threshold of day
How she longs to embrace the sky
Oh how she longs to merge with the grey

Over the hills on the singing streams
Gently she walks feeling her love
Shyly she hides all her dark dreams
Like a fair nymph hiding in a cove

Soon she'll grow, soon she'll bloom
Soon she'll smile like a new spring flower
But now she's shy a virgin in her room
Waiting with desire for her secret lover

(P.S. Yes, I'm back!)