Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Sun and the Moon

The poet sat with eyes closed
his penance spanning
a thousand days of the golden sun
and a thousand nights of the ambrosial moon

The Goddess appeared!

The light of a thousand seers
condensed into an iota of a spark
glowing in the dark furrow
between his termulous eyelids

With his sealed lips
stilled breath
unwavering thought
worldess silence

He asked
'Whence cometh wisdom?
Wherefore is there love?'

With her sonorous music
ornate tones
multitudinous songs
endless tales

She replied...

'The Sun
is the cloud of wisdom.
At night,
he hides in the thoughts of the masses
and sucks silence from their ignorant dreams.
When at dawn, my clarion calls
he rains forth golden rays of truth.

Thence cometh wisdom.

The Moon
is the cloud of love.
In day,
she hides in the hearts of the poets
and sucks tears from their woeful souls.
When at dusk, I enter my garden
she showers silver nectar of love.

Therefore there is love.'

And the poet opened his eyes
and he saw the sun
and he saw the moon
and he saw them entwined in lust
and he closed his eyes in bliss.