Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cattle grazing

To you I pray,
the God who sits in the eye of the Sun.
You send forth your glorious cattle
laden with divine nectar of rain
To graze on the azure fields of the skies.
The Sun is your shepherd
Ether, the music from his flute.
And when you send forth your cattle, it becomes dawn.

To you I pray,
I who sit in the eye of my Soul.
I send forth my numerous cattle
laden with subtle nectar of emotion.
My Soul is my shepherd
Breath, the music from its flute.
And when I send forth my cattle, it becomes my life.

To you I pray,
protect you my cattle.
Guide you my thoughts, even as you guide your shepherd, the Sun.

To you I pray,
milk you my cattle.
Draw and drink their words, even as you drink the nectar of your cattle, the Rain.

To you I pray,
slaughter you my cattle.
Sacrifice them at the altar of death, even as you sacrifice your cattle, at the altar of Night.