Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Tree God

Hush my friend tread thee soft.
Nary a noise not sound thou make.
For here he stands with head aloft,
this august tree aware, awake.

This he learnt in his earthy womb -
Silence silence and silence again.
And silence in his heart did bloom.
And silence in his heart did reign.

Now he stands in a penance grave.
Feet austere secrets pry.
Glorious hands the sky they crave.
Terrene heart with soul so high.

He stands and stands and stands forever
in rain and sun and cold and heat.
Stands he thus and flinches never,
while life moves on and times repeat

And while he stands cometh the rain.
Cometh the sun and sweet nectar.
And while he stands cometh again,
all of life to his altar.

And yet he yields forever and more,
his deathless fruit and soothing shade.
Love him you, perchance abhor,
grace in him is never unmade

A thousand words of your empty mind
do not to his wisdom compare.
Lift your eyes O mortal blind
gaze on him and thence despair.

A God he is in penance deep
beyond thine reach thy mind's ken.
He is the universe awake and asleep
beyond thy truth, thy peace, thy zen.