Friday, April 18, 2014


Summer moon I love you so
My soul my mind I yield to you.
Your waxing curves, your limpid glow
casting life in sight askew.

Your pallid face it casts a veil
of bleary dreams, of lustful craze
on fancy's hill and sorrow's dale
in solemn blues and torrid grays.

Your fervid brow sighs hot and cold
And yet stirreth not the trees nor breeze.
They heed your songs the new and old
the trees and the breeze all ill at ease.

And then you cast your spectral sails
And drift away in fantasy.
Your pointed prow forsooth assails
rending the lies of reality.

Why must I seek and understand
or believe and contemplate,
when reality's a single strand
that fantasy does populate.

So take my mask of sanity!
Darken the day of reality!
Shine forth my moon of insanity!
And end this reign of normality!

Summer moon I see you so
a dream, a thought, a whisper hush.
"When life's mundane drone does grow
There is hope in lunacy's rush."