Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My clan

The fish that swim the waters are my kin
When I swam in the waters of the womb.

All that wades and crawls are my kin
For I too have slithered on this earth.

Beasts that roam on four legs are friends
When I did crawl and crawl in search.

Two-legged bird and beast are my clan
For even now I walk this firm earth.

The fly that dies in a second is my clan
My eyes they do blink so oft.

Birds that wander on wings are friends
For I do fly on the wings of my tongue.

The plants that drink the sun are my kin
In penance the sun I too relish.

The trees that stand in penance are my kin
My life is my penance and it shall ripen.

The hills, the seas, the rivers are all my clan
Forever shall my song echo in this realm.

All, all, all are my clan - now
My mother, my child, my kith and kin
how shall such thoughts arise here?

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